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September 12, 2013

About Cindy



Cindy Miller is an amazing woman!
We have been friends since 2005 and while I don’t pretend to know all of the nitty-gritty details of her life, what I do know about her is worth sharing.
Cindy comes from a broken home, had an alcoholic and abusive father, and spent 20 years in an unloving, unfulfilling marriage. But the past doesn’t control her and she doesn’t wallow in self-pity. On the contrary! Despite her hardships and difficult upbringing, Cindy has transcended her history and turned her life into a place filled with joy, aliveness and balance.
For Cindy, every day is a new beginning and her lust for life and pursuit of joy, peace and happiness propel her to new heights. She exudes self-confidence and is fearless and unafraid of the road ahead. No matter what the future might present to her, she will overcome the hurdles and reach the finish line with dignity and grace.
Cindy has learned how to “be,” how to transcend the negative mind chatter that often defeats others, and how to live life to the fullest.
She is gregarious but claims her privacy when she needs it. She is ambitious and pursues her goals with hard work and focus.
She is non-judgmental and surrounds herself with such a diverse group of people that you would think she had commandeered the United Nations into her circle of friends.
Cindy is genuinely interested in supporting other people’s dreams and hopes and she often guides them into making those dreams a reality.
Cindy’s desire and willingness to share her journey are intended to make your journey a little bit easier. Her hope is that your answers to the many questions she asked herself during her journey will guide you to the life of joy that she has found! I can’t think of a better reason to commit to the journey that awaits you in “Is That All There Is…The Journey Within”.
                                                       Jeanne Foege 
This is the original art that my book cover was designed from. It is a section from this original painting by Steve Miller my brother and internationally acclaimed artist.

To see more of  Steve’s Miller art click

cover image _MG_0312

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  • Kim Pearce says:

    Hi Cindy

    What a beautiful foreward written by Jeanne Foege for a beautiful person, quite an inspiration!

    Best wishes in spreading your insight, love and wisdom through your book.



  • Hi Cindy,

    It was wonderful meeting you and your husband last night. Was Steve the one with the art show at Donna Karen? His name sounds familiar.

    Let’s keep in touch.


  • Valerie G. Keane says:

    Hi, Cindy!

    It was so wonderful to meet you at The Peale Center on Good Friday! I would love to keep in touch and hear more of your work. Many blessings!

    Valerie G. Keane