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November 2, 2013

“Journeyites” comments

” Like a tree I will branch out, blossom, multiply and grow  during all the season’s of my life.

If I wither may I know to nourish myself with a drink of love,  pour a cup of forgiveness and  a keep my pitcher of hope full. ”  Cindy M. Miller

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I am  reading your book I cried at page 13. Wow very profound I now understand about feelings and you understood it, I know your life in a different way. I am very moved, I am going to share this book. I like this attitude that the joy has to come from inside, you really make an effort with this. I am really affected by your book it is written in layman’s terms. These are good questions. You are making us think. – J

I was reading your book slowly you did a good job, a very good job  – C

It looks great, and what I’ve read so far is heartfelt and inspiring.

Is That All There Is… the journey within – an inner workbook ~ by Cindy Miller I’m not far into it yet – read a little with my morning Hot Chocolate or Tea (like today)… It’s amazing so far, I really recommend it; and as Cindy says, ‘You can go to any chapter in the book that is an area in your life you want to address.’ Also she says you do not need to believe in God in order to use the workbook – it will still work for your lifelong process of Your Journey. Thank you Cindy Miller for making this book a reality. – M

“I’m really loving your new book!” – N

Thank you so very much for such a wonderful evening last night. It was such a break-through for me.  What a wonderful group too last night. Very supportive.
Thanks again, and thank you for your beautiful healing energy and sharing God’s messages to me. It could not have come at a better time. When you channel I feel the love of God in your messages. I can’t even explain it. – M

You are truly amazing. I was so impressed last night with your
insight and ability to connect to people.
I am constantly aware and appreciative of my blessings and
for all the good in my life. Some people have such heavy burdens.
I am sure your gifts of perception, kindness and openness
touched them and made them feel better. – J




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