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September 12, 2013

Purchase “Is That All There Is… The Journey Within “


“Your life is filled with possibilities.”
Cindy M. Miller




 I am glad life brought you and I together, so that I can share with you a book called “Is That All There Is…The Journey Within”.

I say, come on board as you uncover and discover more about yourself and your life, yes there is so much more in store for you you! Begin by reading what is contained in this book.

Why? You will have more freedom, joy, inner peace it is there inside of you. Read the questions I asked God about things I struggled with and the answers I got back.   Be willing to answer questions that are contained in this book pertaining to your life concerning your mind,  body and Spirit.

It doesn’t matter where you start just begin. Go fast, go slow divinely designed to meet you where you are and where you would like to be, it is your choice.

You won’t do this on your own  God and Jesus are there for you.

Remember you are worth it!



Cindy M. Miller

  Is That All There Is…The Journey Within
by Cindy M. Miller – Spiral Bound Edition Only

  • 12 beautiful detachable art cards with inspirational messages
  • Conversations Cindy had with God covering serious real life daily issues
  • Effective prayers for you to use during your daily schedule
  • 100+ questions pertaining to your mind, body and Spirit 
  • Charts to track your changes from the old to the new you – and see your progress
  • plus more +++


1. Am I Happy?
2. That Thing Called Joy
3. What Needs to Change?
4. My Aspirations
5. The Drama – Is It Holding Me Back?
6. The People in your Life: Love, Loss &and Forgiveness
7. Do I Dress My Part?
8. Not Another Workshop Or Book
9. Prayers and Signs from God
10.We All Have This In Common
11.Let Go, Let In
12.I Know Who I Am
13.R U Changing – Transformation

Price:              $30.00
Shipping:     $10.00
ISBN#:              978-0-9893990-7-4
Specs:          This journal is spiral bound 7 x 9, 210 pages, with 14 pages of color chapter images and quotes. Two pages  containing 12 color cards that are perforated with inspiring messages that you can keep or pass on. The art for the cards is by Steve Miller, Cindy’s brother who is an international artist.

Availability:     Ships within one week
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Reader reviews sent to me, there are more….. (please post your comments to the comment page) :

Hi, Cindy, got the book and I love it.  I started reading it and just kept going.  It really is good. – Penny


Cindy Miller is an amazing woman!
We have been friends since 2005 and while I don’t pretend to know all of the nitty-gritty details of her life, what I do know about her is worth sharing.

Cindy comes from a broken home, had an alcoholic and abusive father, and spent 20 years in an unloving, unfulfilling marriage. But the past doesn’t control her and she doesn’t wallow in self-pity. On the contrary! Despite her hardships and difficult upbringing, Cindy has transcended her history and turned her life into a place filled with joy, aliveness and balance.

For Cindy, every day is a new beginning and her lust for life and pursuit of joy, peace and happiness propel her to new heights. She exudes self-confidence and is fearless and unafraid of the road ahead. No matter what the future might present to her, she will overcome the hurdles and reach the finish line with dignity and grace.

Cindy has learned how to “be,” how to transcend the negative mind chatter that often defeats others, and how to live life to the fullest.

She is gregarious but claims her privacy when she needs it. She is ambitious and pursues her goals with hard work and focus.

She is non-judgmental and surrounds herself with such a diverse group of people that you would think she had commandeered the United Nations into her circle of friends.

Cindy is genuinely interested in supporting other people’s dreams and hopes and she often guides them into making those dreams a reality.
Cindy’s desire and willingness to share her journey are intended to make your journey a little bit easier. Her hope is that your answers to the many questions she asked herself during her journey will guide you to the life of joy that she has found! I can’t think of a better reason to commit to the journey that awaits you in “Is That All There Is…The Journey Within”.

                                                         Jeanne Foege


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