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September 24, 2013


“Your life is filled with possibilities.”
Cindy M. Miller

I am glad your energy and life brought you and I together, so that I can share with you a book that I am very excited about.  The book is called “Is That All There Is…The Journey Within”.

This is a storybook/workbook about my life falling apart and deciding to walk away from the life I knew. I learned how to begin again and went from a non believer to a big believer in God. 

You will develop your intuitive self, add more joy and have an increase sense of inner peace. It is all there inside of you.

I say, come on board as you uncover and discover more about yourself and your life, yes there is so much more in store for you! It doesn’t matter where you start just begin. Go fast, go slow divinely designed to meet you where you are and where you would like to be, it is your choice. Remember you are worth it!

Bonus includes beautiful color paintings, inspirational affirmations, color tear out gift cards, effective prayers and take action steps.

*Free intuitive message with purchase of
“Is That All There Is…The Journey Within” written by Cindy M. Miller.
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  • Jennifer Rice says:

    Oh got your book. Its very sweet & easy read and looks like we’ve been given the same info. Thats what I thought. I will try and send it to my brother because I think it would be a great message that he’s not hearing. Its so nice to know your journey…I have to say everyone on the east coast that I know isn’t there at all. Do you find there aren’t many of you? Its always interesting for me to go there. There are alot more poeple that speak this language out here. You are a pioneer! Keep going! Its so worth it!! Thanks for your book.

  • Doug Archer says:

    Hi Cindy, my wife and I met you at the lunch table at the Day of Prayer and you showed your book around. I took your card. I’m interested in using your book for a sharing group we have in our church (Hopewell Reformed in Hopewell Junction, NY). You said you’d be interested to join us to kick off the group so maybe we can make it happen. I’m going to be getting back to our group with your response. Also would like to know the cost of the books and if there’s any discounts. We have 4 – 6 couples who meet 2X a month. Look forward to hearing from you. Peace, Doug Archer (845-592-4493)